DJO Eco have joined forces with like minded eco focussed companies across the UK and abroad.  See below some of the partners we are currently working with. partners


low carbon scotland 3ppp is the leading producer of public sector conferences, gala dinners and annual awards of excellence to our clients around key issues facing the public sector today. We pride ourselves on delivering high-level meetings which offer an outstanding forum for practical analysis, insightful opinion and engaging debate for all involved. Our must attend events attract hundreds of delegates, featuring the most prominent public sector speakers and industry leaders, interactive debate and informed discussions. The thought provoking programmes and knowledge transfer experiences are at the forefront of public policy, targets, consultations, funding and strategies offering invaluable guidance from the higher echelons of government departments down to those at ground level who are accountable for the deliverables of specific requirements of their daily job roles and responsibilities in the public sector today.

mind logo Mind Fit was born out of the need to make training and coaching interventions more robust and impactful on individuals and organisations to meet business needs. For too long interventions had only provided the ‘know-what’ leaving people with knowledge but not how to implement it. We set out to build on that knowledge by adding the ‘know-how’ and taking personal actions to do it.

EcoGrady Any building, from a terraced house to a tower block, can be made to create and conserve energy.  That is the essence behind the design of the EcoGrady range of products.  Whether it’s a new-build bungalow or a sixty-year old skyscraper, EcoGrady makes a significant difference. 1.6 billion people do not have access to electricity. 3 billion people still use traditional biomass for cooking.  This has serious consequences on the affected populations in terms of health, education, well-being, or development.