DJO ECO also has an extremley innovative and energy saving product for heating of water cylinders at an extremely low daily operating cost, it runs from either DC or AC power supply, this can be used in conjunction with PV installations, the product has both CE and UL accreditation so is ready for export now!
The cylinder heater is a low power, energy saving, electrical heating system developed specifically for hot water tank heating applications. This cost effective revolutionary product is simple in design and ideally lends itself to after‐fit application to an existing hot water cylinder as well as integration within manufactured hot water cylinders or thermal stores.
Working in partnership with tank manufacturers to produce the Eco Tank.  This is a made to order tank that comes pre-installed with the EcoGrady Singular or Multiple Configuration pad.  This provides the maximum insulation for the product to produce the maximum efficiency for the tank.
What are the Benefits?
With the pad(s) already pre-installed, it improves the insulation of the product to the tank, ensuring as little energy as possible is wasted, and that the product is securely and properly installed at the manufacture stage.
The product will have jack plugs for either mains or solar connection feed, through a small opening in the cylinder outer casing, so it is ready to be connected to the power supply/solar once the cylinder is installed.
We are able to offer a total solution to the end customer, providing a relatively easy installation with all the components already pre-assembled.