Solar PV
DJO ECO is launching a totally unique "Free for All homeowners" Solar PV offering commencing January 2015.
The main USP's and differences from previous "Free" Solar PV schemes are as follows:  

* No Roof Lease required

* Homeowner/owner of the property receives the full Feed in Tariff and Export Tariff even though they do NOT pay ONE PENNY for the system!

* The Bill Payer in the property "buys" the electricity that the system on the roof generates from the Solar Manufacturer that is funding this unique scheme at circa 8-9 pence per kwh as against the 15-17 pence per kwh they pay now to their Utility company; this is called a Power Purchase Agreement or PPA

* Quick and easy process

* Totally unique to The UK

* Savings and Earnings for the homeowner

* Can be tailored for Housing Associations and Local Authorities to deal with Fuel Poverty within their Estates

* With more innovative solutions for Commercial Properties both for Solar as well as Gas Fired and Oil Fired installations

* Excellent earnings and regular work for MCS accredited and experienced installers and for Resellers/Lead Generation companies who provide the leads for install.